VIAS Testimonials

Libby Ediger

CEO & Executive Director, Holberton Tulsa

VIAS has been the perfect home base for us. It is our sole source of truth, and that means our team is always aligned, always on the same page and operating from the same set of information which makes us that much more prepared to serve our students.
Before using VIAS, we were heavily reliant on manual entry for information, and since implementing VIAS, it has opened up hundreds of hours of our staff’s time to actually focus on our students and work and collaborate with them instead of being in the weeds on admin work.
Most software providers are only there to help you with their software, we love working with VIAS because they care about the whole of our students and our business. We feel like VIAS is in our corner for all of our work, not just their platform.

Michael Botrill

CEO & President, Swedish Institute

I am delighted to share my experience with VIAS. For over a century, Swedish Institute has been committed to providing top-tier education to students in the bustling metropolis of New York City. And with VIAS, we have been able to elevate our mission to unprecedented heights.
VIAS has enabled us to optimize operational efficiencies while reducing overhead costs. The ability to consolidate our systems has not only streamlined our day-to-day operations but has also allowed us to allocate our resources more effectively, thereby investing in other areas of our institution.
But what is most valuable about VIAS is its ability to provide us with data-driven insights. The system has become our institution's veritable source of truth, empowering us to make informed decisions that benefit our students. The data we can extract from VIAS has given us a comprehensive understanding of our performance, enabling us to make data-backed decisions and set realistic goals for the future.
Moreover, VIAS has enabled us to better serve our students. The system's reporting capabilities enable us to track student progress and success rates, allowing us to tailor our programs to best meet the needs of our students. We have also been able to provide our students with more accurate and timely information regarding their enrollment and financial aid.
I would encourage any educational institution looking to optimize its operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and make informed, data-driven decisions to consider VIAS.

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Marcus Horn

President, Blue Cliff College

Our transition to VIAS from CampusVue has been a game-changer. We've witnessed remarkable gains in efficiency, substantial cost savings, and exceptional customer support and training.
VIAS has streamlined our operations, saving time and resources. The significant cost savings have allowed us to invest in our educational programs and student support
VIAS's support team has been outstanding, ensuring a smooth transition and quick issue resolution. Their comprehensive training has empowered our staff to maximize VIAS's potential.
In summary, our move to VIAS has been a resounding success. We're grateful for the partnership and look forward to continued achievements.

Mandy Dass

Director of Compliance, Blake Austin College

As the Director of Compliance for our clock-hour and credit-hour programs, VIAS our preferred student information system. When we were searching for a solution that could handle our unique needs, VIAS stood out from the other. One of the most critical features for our school is the reporting capabilities that VIAS offers. We are constantly ready for audits, state and federal regulatory requirements, accreditation demands, and any reporting needs that come our way.
As you can imagine, California has strict regulations, and the requirements are ever-changing. With VIAS, the ability to manipulate reports gives me peace of mind that our school will be ready for any changes that come up.
Another feature that has been incredibly helpful for our school is the trackable and easily editable time tracking and make-up time. This feature has streamlined processes that were once a headache, saving us time.
Most importantly, I depend VIAS, the system has become an integral part of our compliance efforts, and I have confidence in its ability to keep us on track and prepared for any situation. The customer service is excellent, and the team is always responsive and helpful when we need assistance.

Rachel Gordon

Chief Operating Officer, Educational Compliance Management

Working with VIAS has been really wonderful. Especially with the team's financial aid-based experience. We speak the same language and are always looking to take a student service-based approach to our solutions and services. We collaboratively work together to ensure both the school and the students they serve get what they need and are fully compliant. ECM works in tandem with VIAS to understand schools. Who does the school serve? What are their programs? What is the school's identity?
Applying subject matter expertise to software is essential. VIAS does this. It’s not just an operational process. There is a why behind every action, every keystroke, and every process. Because of the expertise of the VIAS team, we are already on the same page regarding regulatory changes.
We thoroughly enjoy working with VIAS, and we are very happy to be growing our relationship with them.

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