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See how Blue Cliff College saves
$830K annually by consolidating their tech stack with VIAS.

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Manage campus
mayhem with VIAS.

Manage the entire life cycle of a student, including marketing, admissions, financial aid, student services, academics, billing, and career services, audits from one platform.

VIAS dashboard

Manage the entire student life cycle from one platform.

Our all-in-one platform eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and provides a single source of truth for all your software needs. Say goodbye to the headache of managing multiple solutions and hello to increased efficiency and significant cost savings. Curious how much your school could be saving?


Manage and guide students and staff through every step of the admissions journey with lead management, email and text automation, custom reporting, document workflow, lightweight CRM, and more.

Student Services

Create gradebooks, upload syllabi, generate assignments, input attendance, and post videos plus communicate with students
via our built-in CRM, reach out to “at risk”students. Even connect your LMS.


Manage student ledgers, access detailed financial history of all charges and payments, easily report on anticipated and actual financial aid payments plus leverage an online payment system.

audit and compliance

Store all student documents on the student information page in a paperless system. With one click, any student file can be added to the Auditor module in an organized view for your accreditation.

Career Services
Career Services

Track businesses, student employment and externships in one complete module. Simplify maintaining business contact information, externship and hour tracking plus generating employment reports.

Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Connect accounting and financial aid in one system that offers estimated award letters, detailed Financial Aid projections, student document tracking, past due reconciliation, and compliance reports.


Access 90+ built-in reports with real-time data to satisfy accreditation, SAP, 90/10, GainfulEmployment, IPEDS and HCM1. Generate required gov. reports plus ones to support student retention and student services.

Student Portal
Student Portal

Empower students to access their schedule, grades, school support, course documents, online testing, and ledger. Students will love the ability to view grades and access course materials in real time.