VIAS Case Study: Blue Cliff College

Blue Cliff Case Study:

Blue Cliff College Saves OVER $830K Annually by Consolidating Tech Solutions with VIAS 
Blue Cliff
The Institution

Blue Cliff College is a career school accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), offering certifications in various fields, including Medical Assisting, Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, and more across Louisiana. Since 1987, Blue Cliff College has been successfully serving and inspiring its students. Before VIAS, Blue Cliff College has been utilizing many software solutions to support everything from operations to student acquisition, enrollment, financial aid processing, tuition payments, and more.

The Problem

Blue Cliff College had too many costly tech solutions. Their existing SIS needed more integration between systems, resulting in fragmented data and inefficiencies, security risks, and confusion for faculty, administration, and students. Therefore, Blue Cliff College needed a student information system (SIS) to manage the entire student life cycle, replace multiple software types, integrate with third-party partners, and provide a comprehensive view of the institution's financial health.

The Solution

Blue Cliff College partnered with VIAS, consolidating all the software needed to run a for-profit college under one system. The five-step process involved conducting a needs assessment, understanding data collection across departments, connecting third-party integrations, verifying data integrity, and providing hands-on training.

The Result

By implementing VIAS Campus Management, Blue Cliff College saved over $830K annually by eliminating the cost of server storage, document storage, texting solutions, payment processing solutions, and more. The institution also eliminated over ten tech solutions, resulting in increased operational efficiencies, including a single login for accessing and inputting data, documents, and communication. Moreover, by leveraging VIAS's capabilities, Blue Cliff College could reallocate financial resources, work towards increasing student satisfaction and retention, and adjust tuition fees.

Below is a table showing the direct cost savings for Blue Cliff College by using VIAS:

Cost Savings
Server Storage
Electronic Signature Solution
Document Storage
Texting Solutions
Payment Processing Solutions
Other Solutions

In conclusion, VIAS Campus Management has helped Blue Cliff College operate more efficiently, save significant money, and benefit from an all-in-one solution. Consolidating tech solutions can empower any institution to streamline operations, achieve data integrity, and allocate financial resources toward other efforts.

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