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Managing Your
Students' Life Cycle

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The potential Student discovers your school and attempts to learn more by filling out a form on your website, social media platform, etc.


The potential Student is convinced that your school is right for them and applies to join. Hurray!

Public launch

The potential Student begins the process of onboarding—filling out paperwork, applying for financial aid, etc.

Next js

The Student is now a part of your organization. Great job! Now comes the actual work of instruction, testing, learning, and more.

Team trip to Dubai

The Student begins to plan for post-school life—applying for jobs, looking into internships/externships, and counseling for the future.

And today...

Congrats! The Student is now a successful alum and can now support your school in a variety of ways.



Our admissions solution is expertly designed to optimize your department's efficiency. With features like lead management, email and text automation, custom reporting, document workflow, and even a lightweight CRM, our software has everything you need to manage and guide students and staff through every step of the admissions journey. With our user-friendly interface and dedicated support team, managing and leading students and staff through every step of the admissions journey has never been easier.
Student Services

Student Services

VIAS is designed to cater to the needs of registrars and student services. It offers a range of features such as automated enrollment and scheduling, clock and credit hour tracking, academic standing monitoring, and transcript generation. With VIAS, you can customize student status forms, leverage student retention features, and access comprehensive enrollment history to ensure students have the necessary resources to succeed.


VIAS offers a comprehensive suite of accounting capabilities, including managing student ledgers, accessing detailed financial history, secure payment processing, revenue recognition, automated third-party servicer distributions, automated refund/stipend, automated tuition charging, and more. Our solution quickly runs reports, enables cash forecasting, and increases efficiencies, all while saving you time and giving you insight into your school's financial health.
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Our financial aid solutions include estimated award letters, detailed financial projections, student document tracking, past due reconciliation, compliance reports, academic extract automation, NSLDS enrollment reporting automation, default management tracking abilities, shopping sheet automation, ISIR batch uploads, and more. Manage your team with advisor activity tracking and utilize actionable insights to optimize your financial aid department.
Career Services

Career Services

Our career services capabilities enable your department to keep a pulse on your students' futures. Utilize business tracking, student employment, and externships. Generate employment reports and log business communication and contacts. With VIAS, career services professionals can easily manage and analyze data to better serve their students and employers.


With VIAS, Faculty members can effectively manage their courses and provide students with the highest quality educational experience. Faculty can manage courses and gradebooks, upload syllabi, and use the lightweight LMS for generating assignments, quizzes, and tests. Track attendance and communicate with students via text or email from one easy-to-use interface.

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