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VIAS empowers your institution to swiftly extract data-driven insights from all departments with over 90 pre-built reports.

Our admissions solution is expertly designed to optimize your department's efficiency. With features like lead management, email and text automation, custom reporting, document workflow, and even a lightweight CRM, our software has everything you need to manage and guide students and staff through every step of the admissions journey.  With our user-friendly interface and dedicated support team, managing and guiding students and staff through every step of the admissions journey has never been easier.

Government Reports
Financial Aid
Career Services
DOE Auditing - 90/10
Cash Forecasting
Activity Tracking
Academic Standing
Lead Detail Reports
Employment Summary
Compliance & Accredidation
Start and Financial Aid Completion Tracking
Satisfactory Academic Progress
Start Number Reports
Employment Detailed Report
Gainful Employment
Past Due Reports
NSLDS Enrollment Reporting
Attendance-by-Student, By Course, By Term, Detailed
Applicant Student Reports
Licensure Verification
Aging Report
Disbursement Tracking
Grades-Failing, Honor Roll, Missing, Student Performance
Lead Generation
Bad Debt Report
ISIR Batch Importing
Completion Rates
Lead Flow
Reconciliation Reports
Activity Logs

Student Portal

Give students the ability to access course schedules, make payments, view campus maps, read school news, review course curriculum, and more from any location at any time.
Connect Your Campus
Empower Students
Maximize Time
Enhance Communication
Get Organized
Unify Admissions, Student Services and Financial Aid to make the student’s journey through enrollment, tuition payments, course-related communication and more.
Enable students to take control of their studies and learning with anytime access to grades, courses, assignments and more.
Increase time management and efficiencies with a plethora of student information at your fingertips.
Give teachers and students an easy way to keep the lines of communication open by enabling on-demand access to academic progress and materials.
Get comprehensive information to help increase efficiencies across administrative tasks and processes.

Document Management

Easily access documents from the same place, at any time, from any device. Educators, administrators, and students alike can streamline day-to-day operations by reducing the time and effort required for administrative tasks. Instead of manually filing paper documents or searching through multiple digital folders for a specific file, staff can quickly find what they need using our centralized system.

‍Centralized document management provides an organized system for storing and managing documents, allowing for easier access, collaboration, and enhanced security.

Automation & Workflows

Our agile solution offers tailored automation and workflows to optimize processes, minimize errors, and enhance productivity.

Automation that sends all student documents and immediately routes them to the right departments and individuals. Automatically stores completed documents to the correct student profile.
Document Workflow
Heightened Security
Data Accuracy
Streamline Operations
Automated document routing system that efficiently sends student documents to the appropriate departments and individuals, while also ensuring that completed documents are accurately stored in the corresponding student profiles.
The built-in electronic signature function allows for increased convenience, improved security, and faster document processing. Reduce paperwork and eliminate the need for physical signatures or a third-party e-signature solution.
Restrict unauthorized access to confidential information, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as FERPA, and maintain ongoing compliance.
Ensure accuracy of data by removing the potential for human error and providing consistent and reliable data processing.
Eliminate tedious, document-heavy tasks which drive inefficiencies and increase operational costs.
-Automated Student Status Forms
-Automated Financial Documents
-Automated Enrollment Documents
-Automated academic forms-academic, attendance counseling, transfer credits, graduate surveys
-Automate Career Service Documents: Employment Verification, Clinical Site Feedback

Audit & Compliance

Audit-ready with a click of a button
Reduce staff workload and printing with easily generated audits and auditor-based login capabilities that enable you to build and share an audit file in a matter of seconds.

Compliance is key
VIAS equips institutions with fast and accurate reporting capabilities that support requirements from government and accrediting bodies.


Fully integrated lightweight LMS and CRM solution. Already have an LMS or CRM you love? No problem, VIAS offers flexibility to integrate with your existing solutions.
• Centralized communication
• Activity log
• Meeting scheduling
• Email + text
• Notifications
• Reporting
• Generate assignments, quizzes, and tests
• Attendance tracking
• Create and maintain gradebooks
• Upload course materials
• Enrich curriculum with video and audio
• Student engagement

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