VIAS Case Study: ATA College

ATA College Case Study:

ATA College cuts department spend by 80% by using VIAS

Executive Summary

In 2012, ATA College began to look at ways to cut costs and increase its profit margin. Times were tough in the for-profit space and ATA needed to get creative in how to decrease spending. The marketing and admissions department accounted for a substantial part of the budget, with little ROI. At this time, ATA shifted its strategy to focus on quality leads and cutting costs. Their first step to solving this issue was to find a campus management system that would assist. ATA started using VIAS Campus Management at this time. Within one year of using VIAS Campus Management, they were able to save over $100,000 on marketing and admissions while sustaining their leads and enrollments. Within 2 years, they had saved close to $200,000.

The Problem

Before adopting VIAS Campus Management as their Campus Management System ATA was spending roughly $500,000 on Marketing and Admissions. The leads received were not quality leads and substantial time was wasted chasing “dead” leads. Communication between admission reps and leads was disjointed and there was no easy way to track the communication between all departments. Before using VIAS Campus Management they thought the way to solve this problem was to hire more staff but that did not help and only attributed to the cost.

The Solution

Through the implementation of VIAS, ATA College was able to go from 15 staff in the admissions department to 3 while increasing the close rate. VIAS all-in-one system enabled the ATA admission department to achieve these outcomes and reach their ultimate goal of cutting costs through the following:

  1. Eliminated lead generation subscriptions
  2. Eliminated third-party applications
  3. Increased operational efficiency
  4. Reduced manual entry
  5. Provided quality leads
  6. Automated processes
  7. Streamlined communication
  8. Increased response rate
  9. Improved SLA
  10. Improved project management

The Result:

By adopting VIAS, ATA was able to:

  1. Dramatically decrease overhead: Since adopting VIAS Campus Management, ATA College has saved over $400,000 on marketing. In 2012, ATA College spent over $500,000 on marketing while in 2020, thanks to VIAS, they only needed to spend $147,000 on marketing.
  2. Streamline their admissions department: Since implementing VIAS Campus Management, ATA College was able to go from 15 employees in the admissions department to 3 while also increasing quality leads and close rate.
  3. Increase operational efficiency and enhance the student experience: Admissions process satisfaction for potential students increased for ATA College due to the streamlined process.

Overall, the implementation of VIAS allowed ATA College to dramatically change the way they operate, empowering them to offer even more value to students.

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